​​Economic Growth


Efficient government

I believe senior citizens are some of South Carolina’s greatest treasures. As such, they should not have to spend their golden years trying to decide how to make ends meet or doing without basic necessities like utilities, groceries or medical care. I am committed to standing up for policies that protect our seniors and give them the quality of life they richly deserve.

I support tax relief and lower taxes. I believe that you should keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. Fair, equitable taxes help both families and businesses in our state.  Lower taxes ultimately allow families more freedoms and help expand our businesses in the community, creating new jobs.

I have supported legislation to lower the tax burden on our citizens. South Carolina has the third lowest tax burden of any state in the country. I have supported tax-free holidays on school supplies to support students and families, and on guns and ammo to support sportsmen. Also, as our state has faced large financial issues such as finding an answer for repairing aging roads and bridges, I have supported solutions that would provide a steady revenue stream without putting an undue tax burden on our citizens.

I believe we must look for ways to increase economic growth and lower unemployment in South Carolina.

I have worked tirelessly to bring economic development projects to Anderson, Abbeville and Greenwood Counties. These efforts have brought many new companies to our area and given citizens new higher-paying job opportunities.

The most important part of what I do every day is constituent service. If a citizen contacts me with an issue or concern, I will find an answer to that issue or concern in a timely manner.

Lower taxes


I will stand up for legislation that protects and strengthens families in our state and that defends children and the unborn.

I have supported legislation to strengthen penalties for people convicted of criminal domestic violence. Also, I have and continue to support the rights of the unborn, believing we must be the voice for these children.

Family Values

All of South Carolina’s children deserve strong schools. When we give our children the competitive edge in a global economy, we all are more likely to succeed.  In addition, South Carolina is more likely to attract new businesses and jobs.

To build strong schools, our teachers must be given the tools and support they need to do their jobs.

I have been a leader in supporting public education, whether through new legislation or allocating funding in the state budget. For example, I have championed the Pathways program that allows students to take classes toward a technical certificate or associate’s degree while in high school, preparing them for jobs of the future. Also, I have supported scholarship programs for our special needs students to open new doors of opportunity.

Senior citizens

Constituent service

I know that freedom is not free.  We owe our veterans everything we hold dear today. We would not enjoy the lifestyle we have today without the sacrifices of our veterans. I support giving our veterans the best care, physically and mentally. We must also support members of our S.C. National Guard, men and women who are called on in times of need to serve next to our active military soldiers. 

I am proud to support Richard Campbell Veterans Nursing home, a facility in our area meeting the needs of those who have served.

I believe more government is not the answer. Instead, we need smarter, more efficient government that understands it exists to serve the people. I am committed to ensuring South Carolina has exactly this type of government.

To help our government become more efficient, I have supported legislation to shorten our legislative session and provide better oversight for how our citizens’ tax dollars are spent.

Caring for veterans